•A gear is a component within a transmission device that transmits rotational force to another gear or device

•Power transmission is the movement of energy from its place of generation to a location where it is applied to performing useful work

Types Of Gears

According to the position of axes of the shafts.

a.Parallel shafts

  1.Spur Gear

  2.Helical Gear

  3.Rack and Pinion

  4.double helical or Herringbone gear,

b. Intersecting shafts

  1.Straight Bevel Gear

  2.Spiral Bevel Gear

  3.Zero Bevel Gear

c. Non-intersecting and Non-parallel (skew) shafts

  1.worm and worm gears

  2.Crossed Helical Gear

  3.Hypoid Gear

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